Sea & Do Whale String Art Craft Kit for Tweens

Bright Stripes
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• String a happy whale plaque to hang your jewelry from!  
• Wrap string around sturdy gold pegs for a polished look on solid preprinted MDF wood!
• Charming details include a printed rainbow, a heart spray and an anchor tattoo.
• Complete kit includes a preprinted predrilled MDF wood plaque with hanging brackets and brass jewelry hooks, golden nails, brightly colored string, sticky felt details, plastic mallet and instructions. 
  Create a string art masterpiece to hang on your wall and hang your jewelry from!  Just press nails into the preprinted predrilled wooden plaque and wrap with bright colors of string.  The solid construction makes the process very satisfying. Finish off your work with felt stickers to give the whale a smiling eye and a cool anchor tattoo. Kids 7 to teen will be proud to display this high-quality string art piece or give as a gift.