Wicked Vision Ltd Outdoor VODIAC
Wicked Vision Ltd Outdoor VODIAC
Wicked Vision Ltd Outdoor VODIAC
Wicked Vision Ltd Outdoor VODIAC

Vodiac Virtual Reality

Wicked Vision Ltd
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So, you want to experience some of the coolest thrill rides ever made, travel the reaches of the world, and get to relax in custom-made chill zones. But, your idea for the next great thing hasn’t made you billions yet. No worries, you don’t need ‘em. All you need is this Vodiac VR Headset!

This VR headset finally gives you a way to experience the awesomeness that the world has to offer. And, you can do it right out of the box! This headset comes with over 20 free virtual reality videos to get you started. And, when you want more, you can rent jaw-dropping videos from multiple channels.

Yep, you get to choose from 7 channels of exciting content. These give you thrills, adrenaline, wonders, exploration, relaxation, and family-friendly viewing. So, you could race around the hair-raising Isle of Man TT course, ride a super-fast rollercoaster, explore the streets of beautiful cities, and then enjoy some quiet time watching the ocean waves lap onto a sunny beach.

With so much to choose from, this is the next level of VR entertainment. So, if you’re ready for all that, order this Vodiac VR Headset now!

  • Open up a new world of VR video!
  • This VR headset can connect to 7 channels of content
  • Instantly watch epic videos
  • View thrills, wonders, travel, relaxation rides, and more
  • Adjustable – fits most people from 7 to 107!