Djeco Games Tap Tap Game Space
Djeco Games Tap Tap Game Space

Tap Tap Game Space

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  • Design your own special outer space adventure and tack them in place on the cork base, follow the direction cards to make 10 designs, or mix and match
  • The included wooden hammer and tacks let you secure your designs to the thick cork base; use them over and over for hours of fun
  • Develops skills in visual design, motor skills, linear thinking, problem solving, creativity and imagination
  • Contains 24 outer space component pieces, 10 design cards, 1 hammer, I cork board and 40 tacks
  • For ages 4+
For the budding DIY enthusiast, Djeco Tap Tap Games let you build unique designs and hammer them down on a cork base. Follow the design cards to assemble the correct pieces and tack them down with brass tacks and a wooden hammer. Build things over and over. Everything is contained in a beautifully decorated wooden storage box.