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With his wand damaged after an accident, the small and clumsy redhead wizard boy sees the spell backfiring when he tries to curse an arrogant bully at Hogwarts School. After Draco Malfoy insults his best friend, he casts the Slug-vomiting Charm, but since his wand is patched up and not working properly, he ends up causing himself to vomit slugs and green goop. A comic moment replicated by Iron Studios in the statue "Ron Weasley with Broken Wand - Harry Potter - MiniCo", with the loyal and playful wizard sick after regurgitating a lovely slug that is peaceful on its green goop, in one of the unforgettable moments from Harry Potter movies celebrating 20-years-anniversary of its premiere in the movie theaters. Ron Weasley is Harry Potter and Hermione’s best friend. A great ally and good-tempered, he comes from a family of Pure-blood wizards. Sixth in a family of seven sons, Ron gets mad when he has to face secondhand books and clothes, something that happens a lot in his life. He owns a great heart and will defend tooth and nail those he loves, and will often lose his temper easily. Presented in his classic uniform from Hogwarts (With a little bit of green goop) on the virtual show Inside Iron Studios Day on YouTube, Ron Weasley is already available for Pre-Order and brings a new opportunity for Harry Potter fans to start their MiniCo collection. Check out also the new statues "Harry Potter with Sword of Gryffindor - Harry Potter - MiniCo" and "Hermione Granger Polyjuice - Harry Potter - MiniCo", unmissable for fans, collectors, and all the Potterheads!

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