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National Geographic - Chinchi Chinchilla

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The National Geographic collection from Steiff features beautifully designed animals that were created to raise awareness for global endangered species. Meet Chinchi, the “Protect Me” chinchilla that measures 7 inches tall. The natural habitat of this cute little creature extends across the Andean states of Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, where it lives in mountainous regions. Due to its extremely soft fur, chinchillas are hunted extensively in the wild, putting them at risk of extinction. Inspired by the beauty of his real-world counterpart, Chinchi is made from incredibly soft plush fabric with a hand-painted face. He’s just the type of irresistible animal that both collectors and children will want to own. A portion of the proceeds from Steiff National Geographic plush products flows directly to the non-profit National Geographic Society, which supports key science projects in research, conservation and education worldwide.

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