Lunchables Event Lunchabuilds Architect Building Kit
Lunchables Event Lunchabuilds Architect Building Kit

Lunchabuilds Architect Building Kit

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Made for budding builders who dream of creating the next iconic tower like the one found in France, the Lunchabuilds Architect kit includes:

  • Lunchables with 100% Juice Chicken Popper Kabobble with Oscar Mayer breaded chicken, Kraft American cheese, pretzel sticks and cookie
  • A YouPrint with instructions on how to build France’s iconic tower
  • A trip to an architectural wonder in New York City, Seattle or St. Louis for one kid and one parent or guardian, where they’ll be able to see breathtaking views
  • Instant camera to capture your Lunchables builds and inspire new creations
  • 3D puzzle to continue to flex your building skills
  • Good while supplies last.
  • Limit 1/household.
  • Subject to full terms & conditions (available here).
  • US only participants who are the parent of a child age 18 or under.
  • Participant must complete release documents and will be responsible for Federal, State and local taxes (equal to the total value of the experience/goods less the amount paid).