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Sea & Do Light Up Ship In A Bottle Unique Craft Kit for Tweens

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• Assemble and customize a light-up ship in a bottle to display on your wall or desk!
• Wood, cardboard and foam pieces fit together like a puzzle for a fun, easy and satisfying activity.
• Just place the preprinted elements into a foam wave and string lights into the starry night background. Then secure into the half bottle by plugging pegs into a milled wood piece for a perfect fit.
• The end result is magical light up world!  Personalize with the included name plate.
• Package measures 14” x 9.5” x 3”
A truly unique craft kit with everything you need to create a 3D light up world! The pastel ship with heart shaped portals navigates the turquoise seas past a magical pink narwhal and enchanting mermaid! A fun and satisfying craft for kids 7 to teen. Just build up the layers, add the lights then sandwich them into a milled piece of wood with plastic pegs.  Personalize the included brass name plate with the preprinted phrases, or your name.
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