Nerf Games Jumbo Badminton Set
Nerf Games Jumbo Badminton Set
Nerf Games Jumbo Badminton Set

Jumbo Badminton Set

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The Nerf Jumbo Badminton Set features two oversized racquets with large mesh hitting surfaces. The set gives you a ball and a birdie for different types of fun. It’s the perfect travel set to take to the beach, park or court as you improve your skills.

  • GREAT FOR BEGINNERS: The set features racquets with large mesh surfaces to easily hit the ball or birdie. The handles are small enough for children to grip them, but large enough for adults to comfortably play too!
  • JUMBO FUN: The racquets measure over 2 feet (26”) in length! The included ball is 10” in diameter and the birdie is 10” in length.
  • 2 PLAYER SET: Let the games begin anywhere you like with this portable set great for bringing with you on travel, beach days, picnics, and backyard tournaments!
  • PRACTICE HAND-EYE COORDINATION: The Nerf Jumbo Badminton Set is a great tool for practicing hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Have fun playing with family and friends while building skills that will translate well to other sports and games!