iHeartArt 12 Thick+Thin Markers: Chisel + Fine Tip

Bright Stripes
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  • Double-sided markers feature a wide chisel tip on one side and a fine detail tip on the other to create endless effects! The perfect supply to take your marker renderings to the next level.
• Premium quality alcohol-based inks dry quickly, so you can build up layers of the same color to create different tones- light, medium and dark.
• You can also layer different markers together to blend and create new colors! For outlines and delicate details, flip the marker around and use the fine tip.
• The Techniques Guide inside shows you how to use these markers and gives tips and tricks. It even includes a practice project. Draw right in the guide before making your own creative works!
• Package measures 7” x 4” x 1”
  Create an infinite number of effects with these double-sided markers!  Build up your color with the chisel tip and add details with the fine tip. The fast-drying alcohol-based inks work great to create light, medium and dark tones all with the same marker. iHeartArt carries only top-quality supplies for older artists 7 to adult.