DIY Handbag Kit

FAO Schwarz
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Let your child become a young Michael Kors or Tory Burch with a design your own purse kit from FAO Schwarz!

This kit contains everything they need to DIY a design on a purse. It includes a gorgeous clear purse with a chain strap and several design items, including sprinkles, golden stars, and other confetti designs. Your child can mix and match confetti, so no bag will ever look the same! They can put glittery and colorful confetti into the special compartment on the purse. As the bag is clear, your child’s creativity is fully displayed! Let their imagination and creativity run wild as they add their own elements to the purse. This DIY bag kit from FAO Schwarz is the perfect present for children ages 6 and up. The purse is made from sturdy clear acrylic and a durable metal chain that will last for a long time. Get this DIY purse kit for your child here.