Decoupage Animals - Panda

Bright Stripes
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• Make a striking work of art with real decoupage on a modern faceted ceramic Panda figure!
• Cut shapes out of the patterned tissue paper, plan your design, and use the decoupage glaze to adhere.  A fun activity no matter the skill level!
• Includes ceramic animal, generous amounts of printed tissue paper, decoupage glaze, paintbrush, and easy instructions with shape templates.
• Package measures 6" x 9"x 5".
  This complete craft kit has everything you need to decoupage a cool  modern ceramic Panda! So many ways to be creative and decorate --decoupage each facet, or use the included shape templates to cover your critter in bold colors and marble patterns. Create a stunning keepsake piece that any kid would be proud to display. Includes a high-quality porcelain animal, 2 large sheets of multi-patterned tissue paper, decoupage glaze, paintbrush, and instructions with shape templates.