Celena Rainbow Doll

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Meet a group of happy personalities who live above the clouds in a world that is enchanting and fun, a world where unicorns frolic in fields of cotton candy !

  Céléna is a fun and colorful 16'' tall doll with a bubbly personality. She’s outfitted in a sweet dress in an on-trend print that is exclusive to Corolle with rainbows and unicorns. Finishing her ensemble are color-coordinated derby-style boots (not removable). Her soft, lightweight body and her long, long legs make it possible for her to be posed in a variety of ways.   Céléna’s hands and head are made of supple, soft-to-the-touch vinyl that is delicately scented with vanilla. Her face is sprinkled with freckles and her fixed eyes are a beautiful, clear brown.   Her bright fuchsia hair is styled with bangs and pigtails (fastened with scrunchies).  
  • Large fun and colorful doll measuring 15.75” tall.
  • Soft body.
  • Vanilla scented
  • Ages 3 and up.