Stink Bomb Experiment Kit

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Our stink lab offers you 5 different scientific experiments relating to foul scents. Includes stink liquid and other ingredients to create extreme stench. Explore the smelly side of life! Create rotten eggs, smelly sprays, and other nasty concoctions. It’s stinky fun for the sake of science! Study the not-so-sweet smell of sulfur and other foul odors with our stink lab! Create stinky bombs, bags, even sprays! 5 fun experiments in all. THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE STINK! KIT CONTAINS: • 2 BAGS OF BAKING SODA 25g/0.88oz (PER BAG) • 1 CONTAINER WITH LID • 1 SPRAY BOTTLE • 3 STINK LIQUID BOTTLES 4g/0.14oz (PER BOTTLE) • 3 ZIP CLOSURE BAGS • 2 STINK BAGS 5.1g/0.18oz (PER BAG) • 6 CAPSULES • 1 PAIR PLASTIC GLOVES GET YOUR STINK ON!