Miko STEM MIKO2 - Robot in Red
Miko STEM MIKO2 - Robot in Red

MIKO2 - Robot in Red

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  • Miko 2 makes learning fun through conversations.
  • Loaded with academic syllabus, news updates, facts about the world and much more! Full of educative and fun games, Miko 2 can play music, dance, tell stories, riddles, rhymes and fun-facts & even do the moonwalk!
  • Equipped with an emotional intelligence machine, Miko 2 identifies, recollects and remembers the child’s moods, 
growing with the child with every interaction.
  • With TeleConnect, it helps you stay in touch with your child anytime, anywhere through video calling & remote navigation. A trustable little robot, with data encryption and strict privacy norms, the child’s data remains secure.
  • With profanity filters, age-appropriate content and culturally-neutral suggestions, it is 100% child-safe.