Water Lacrosse Fiddle STX

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Water Lacrosse with Waboba x STX brings you a totally new way to dominate at the beach with more ways to throw and catch Waboba balls!  This mini water lacrosse set comes with 2 FiddleSTX and 1 Waboba Extreme ball, but can be used with any gel Waboba ball. With STX’s high-quality FiddleSTX, the strings never harden up and it floats. Game on!

• Set includes: two 30-inch FiddleSTX and one Waboba Extreme (colors may vary)
• FiddleSTX is the world's most popular lacrosse mini stick
• Heads are pre-strung with soft-mesh, designed to not harden after use in water
• For water only - best for lakes and oceans (trust us, you’ll want to spread out far)
• Ages 10+
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