Brio Vehicles Animal Farm Set
Brio Vehicles Animal Farm Set
Brio Vehicles Animal Farm Set

Animal Farm Set

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  • Perfect for the creative toddler - Start your budding train engineer off on the right track with a BRIO Animal Farm Set. It’s the perfect gift for the creative toddler - designed for ages 3 and up.
• Compatibility - As your child develops, so can their railway play as the 33984 is compatible with all other BRIO railway tracks and vehicles.
• Develops important skills - Playing with train sets helps children to understand and learn about their environment in a fun way, and the train functions help improve a child’s spatial awareness and fine motor skills.
  Designed with small children in mind, the battery-operated toy train features a simple tap and go function. Just tap the arrow on the front to start the engine off, then bring it to a stop by tapping it again. It’s the perfect train for this hilly countryside environment.