iHeartArt 12 Watercolors Set

Bright Stripes
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  • Paint in brilliant color!  This little set has concentrated color that lasts and lasts!
• Compact-sized plastic case includes a built-in palette, 12 rich concentrated watercolor cakes, cleaning sponge, and medium-sized water brush pen.
• Fill the included water brush pen for continuous painting, no separate water cup required!
• The Techniques Guide inside shows you how to mix and use these watercolors. It even includes a practice project. Try out your paint strokes right in the guide before making your own creative works!
• Package measures 5.8” x 3” x 1”
  The perfect little watercolor set for on the go or for painting in nature!  This compact fold-out case includes everything you need- 12 rich colors, cleaning sponge, built in palette and water brush pen.  All you need is some paper and your imagination! iHeartArt carries only premium-quality supplies for older artists 7 to adult.