Bright Stripes Creativity DIY Nautical Bracelets
Bright Stripes Creativity DIY Nautical Bracelets
Bright Stripes

DIY Nautical Bracelets

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• Bead and macramé 4 different stylish nautical-themed bracelets with gorgeous charms and beads.
• Create a nautical knot bracelet, cowry shell bracelet, a beaded bracelet with tassels and charms, and a macramé bracelet.
• Includes everything you need to create: cute sea themed charms, golden beads, cowry shells, premade tassels, cord, string, beads and fully illustrated instructions.
• Learn new skills and techniques as you create cool jewelry.
 • Package measures 8” x 9.5” x 1.75”.
Keep the summer glow all year round with 4 trendy seaside bracelets you make yourself!  Embellish with golden beads, cute sea animal charms, tassels and cowry shells.  High-quality materials are easy and fun to work with and create stylish professional results. Learn how to macramé, tie a nautical knot and different beading techniques. This complete DIY jewelry set is a great gift for tweens.
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