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Exploding Boom Experiment Kit

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Our complete combustion kit contains everything you need to perform 6 different scientific experiments which explore things that erupt, expand or explode! Create a working volcano and watch it erupt before your eyes. It’s explosive fun for everyone! Discover the inner workings behind combustion science! Make a real exploding volcano, pop confetti bags, create fizzy lava and more! 6 experiments in all. BUILD AN ERUPTING VOLCANO KIT CONTAINS:• 1 VOLCANO • 3 BALLOONS • 2 BAGS OF BAKING SODA (25g/0.88oz per bag)• 2 BAGS OF BAKING POWDER (25g/0.88oz per bag) • 1 PLASTIC FUNNEL• 1 LOCK LUNCH BAG• 2 BOOM BAGS • 1 CANISTER• 3 PAPER ROCKET PARTS• 3 CRAFT DYES (2G EA.) • 1 PAIR OF GLOVES

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