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Sea & Do DIY Embroidery Hoop Art Tween Craft Kit

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• Create beautiful mermaid art with embroidery, beads and sequins on preprinted fabric! 
• Embellish as much as you like with stitches, beads, sticky pearls, sequins and precut felt shapes.  Since the main artwork is printed you can do a little or a lot and always get a great result!
• Learn easy embroidery stitches.  So relaxing and satisfying.
• The wooden embroidery hoop becomes the frame to hang and display your lovely artwork!
• Includes everything you need – preprinted mermaid fabric, wooden embroidery hoop, embroidery floss, sequins, beads, sticky pearls, precut felt coral, shell and sea star shapes, needle and step by step instructions.
It’s easy to create beautiful embroidered art with this complete craft kit.  The secret is in the preprinted mermaid artwork. Embellish as much or as little as you want and you will always get great results! With precut felt in coral and shell shapes, beads, sequins and sticky pearls, you have a lot of choices to stitch and customize your very own look.  Kids aged 7 to teen will love to learn easy embroidery stitches and proudly display the finished piece with the embroidery hoop frame!
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