Llorens Kaitlin 13" Soft Body Crying Baby Doll

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Kaitlin is dressed in a pretty white dress  with pink printed leaf design. She wears a complementary pink knit sweater and booties. Kaitlin has blonde hair fashioned in adorable pigtails with pink bows. She has blue eyes and a smooth baby complexion.

  • Kaitlin cries three times and says "mama" but she is able to suck her pacifier to quiet her.  Batteries can be removed if crying is not wanted.
  • The white pacifier is attached to the dolls clothing with an teddy shaped clip.
  • Baby doll play encourages nurturing and teach children about themselves and the world around them.  In addition, fine motor and self-help skills are developed by dressing and undressing dolls.
  • All Llorens dolls are designed and made in Spain.
  • Fully jointed moveable vinyl doll made with soft, phthalate free vinyl for head and limbs with a softly filled fabric body.
  • Clothes are made from high quality polyester and cotton fabrics and are finished with strong details.
  • Recommended for ages 3 years+.
  • Not anatomically correct.

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